Big Bear Lake, California

I recently spent the first weekend of October at Big Bear Lake, and as promised, I will share a little bit about my trip and recommend a few activities and restaurants for you all. First of all let me say, I had the BEST time of my life! Life was getting to a point where it was just too hectic and I needed to get away – if you live in LA you know what I’m talking about. I was itching for nature and quiet – that small town feel with absolutely no traffic and super nice people. Luckily, it exists about 2.5 hours outside of LA – yipee there is hope!

We arrived on Thursday 9/30 late in the night, which was sort of a bad idea/thrill at the same time. I didn’t realize that we needed to climb almost 7,000 feet in elevation in complete pitch dark. Think winding roads all the way up with fog and bad visibility. It was both spooky and exciting at the same time, luckily there is no snow at this time of the year so we survived. We received our cabin through an auction, but it is also available on Cool Cabins for daily rentals. I have nothing but amazing things to say about the cabin, it had more than enough room and the location was perfect! Better yet, Marcus the owner was so accommodating and easy to work with when booking. Below are a few pics:





On Friday we had a helicopter tour booked to see the community from above. I HIGHLY recommend this tour to new visitors, especially on your first day! Our tour was short but sweet, and can be found through the Helicopter Big Bear website if you look for “Tour Juliet”. They have different tour lengths and ranges, and their pricing is great.

Here is a quick clip I took of our tour, yes I am a little ADD on this ride (definitely wouldn’t make a good camera man) but I was so excited so I had to tape all around! Can you imagine the tour with snowfall? I definitely want to come back in the winter to do this!

IMG_2782 from Danela Duric on Vimeo.


On Saturday we had a few fun activities that are an absolute must as well! If you come up to Big Bear during the non-winter months, definitely go FISHING! It was so relaxing and so much fun! We used Lucky Bear Fishing Charters and they were absolutely amazing! You’ll mostly be fishing for rainbow trout. Mike and Trish are the boat owners and you can truly tell they love their sport. They even stayed an extra hour and a half out on the water for us! Some pics below:



As you can see, this post is quite different from my typical outfit posts. I have absolutely no make up on, I did not wash my hair that morning (hence the cap) and I’m totally dressed down. Oh, and don’t mind that booty that creeped into my last photo. Anyways, it felt awesome to escape for a little bit and change my wardrobe to comfy sweaters and UGG boots!

Another must-do activity while at Big Bear is the Alpine Slide at Magic Mountain. If you want to feel like a kid again, you totally need to go down this bob-sled style slide. For $6 per ride, you also get a nice view while taking the chairlift ride up.


Our Saturday night ended at Oktoberfest which was a ton of fun! Great food, beer, and music! If you are visiting Big Bear around late September or any time in October, this is another must stop. Unfortunately I had a bit too much beer and forgot to take any other photos beside the one below with my friend Kristine 🙂 Clearly were very happy about our full beers.


Last but not least, I have two food recommendations for you all. We only ate out at two restaurants and both were DELICIOUS!

Himalayan Big Bear – Had Indian and Nepalese food. They have great lunch specials

Grizzly Manor Cafe – Famous for their breakfast. The line can be rather long on weekend mornings but it moves quickly. Pancakes are a must because they are the size of your face!

Hope you all enjoyed reading about our Big Bear trip! What is your favorite weekend getaway in California? Share in the comments below, I’d love to hear!

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