How to Rock the Monochromatic Outfit!







We definitely can’t doubt that the monochromatic look has been ‘in style’ all year round! What better time to rock it than this Fall! I pulled my look together by combining pieces that were already in my closet, no shopping required.

The thing is, we are creatures of habit, and I bet if you were to take a deep look into your closet right this moment, you would notice that you consistently veer to THAT color. Whatever THAT color might be (just don’t pick black), you likely have a variation of shades to put together a monochromatic outfit. For me, THAT color has been green (olive green to be more precise). I don’t know what it is this Fall season but I am loving everything green. Maybe because it relates so well to winter, or the fact that olive is a huge trend right now.

Nonetheless, follow the steps below to create the perfect monochromatic outfit:

1. Take a look at your closet and find which color combination you have most of (this was the way that I combined my outfit). You can also choose to start with one main piece, such as a jacket or skirt, and then work around that piece – This may require shopping if you do not have enough variations of one single color. Different textures and shapes are welcome, the main rule here is to keep the color consistent but feel free to play around with pattern or shade of color.

2. Once you have chosen either a few monochromatic pieces from your closet, assemble them on your bed and play around with ideas to see which combinations will form the best possible outfit. Fashion is about personality and comfort, thus you have to love your outfit before you walk out of that door to start your day!

3. Add accessories! This is where you can (and should) step out of your monochromatic color and add a personal touch to the outfit. I wouldn’t over accessorize, keep it simple because you want your outfit to take the lead – not your accessories.

4. Shoes – they do not need to match your outfit. I played it safe here with black as it is very easy to match with anything.

Good luck!!

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Skirt: Old from H&M. Similar style here. Loving this, and this leather skirt.
Top: Topshop, select colors available.
Leather Jacket: Similar at $100 here, similar at $275 from Theory here.
Pumps: Old Ivanka Trump, similar here.
Clutch: Chelsea28, similar here, and here.

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