You can wear your fruit and eat it too…

I am loving this fruit print trend! Summer is always set aside for some fun with your wardrobe, this is a great way to incorporate color and not take yourself too seriously. Don’t like the fruit options? I’ve seen a ton of Donut prints too (yum). Hope this post brings you some fun inspo! Seriously though, who can resist those pineapple earrings??

I haven’t posted in a few weeks because life has been SO busy, all good things though. I recently had my family visiting and we went to Disney Land (always a good time) and then spent two days on Catalina Island. I have to say, Catalina was just as magical as Disney, it makes you feel as if you are pulling up to the coastline of Italy. If you haven’t been yet you need to go! It is only 22 miles off the coast of Long Beach (about an hour boat ride), but it feels like a whole new world. I took a few snaps for you all on Insta (here).

I’ll be back to routine this week and hopefully posting more outfits soon!

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